TENAX300IM presents superior performance in various applications

26 July 2023

TENAX300IM is the top choice when it comes to performance and optimization of industrial tools. The material was initially developed to be used in tools exposed to high temperatures, such as non-ferrous alloy extrusion, non-ferrous alloy casting, and hot metal forging. Currently, it is also employed in other sectors of the industry, such as molds for plastic processing, which require a high degree of optical polishing or applications in machine components. With its high toughness, heat resistance, and excellent response to heat treatment, it ensures quality and safety in processes, meeting the certification requirements of NADCA #207 - 2022 Grade E (North American Die Casting Association).

Learn more about our Study Cases using TENAX300IM in different applications:

Case 1: Manufacture of automotive components through the pressure injection process of aluminum alloys. Usually, the tool failure mechanism is predominantly due to thermal fatigue cracking. The solution found was to adjust (replace) the tool material for the TENAX300IM due to its greater tenacity, maintaining the heat treatment and hardness conditions. The result achieved was a 150% productivity gain when compared to the material previously used.

Case 2: Manufacture of structures for application in the military segment, through the aluminum alloy extrusion process. Tool failure was predominantly due to cracks. The solution found was to use TENAX300IM, due to its greater tenacity, maintaining the previously applied hardness and adapting the heat treatment cycle to NADCA #207 – 2022 Grade E. The result achieved was a gain of 900% compared to the previous material and the new TENAX300IM tool is still working, no need to change it.

Case 3: Application in pistons used in the manufacture of refractories, in the pressing stage. The predominant failure of the material previously used was cracking. By replacing the material with TENAX300IM, aiming at greater tenacity, maintaining hardness and heat treatment conditions, a gain of 1100% could be observed in relation to the material used previously, continuing in production without fail.

Get to know more about TENAX300IM, download the  Datasheet or access the  Product Page.


Datasheet TENAX300IM
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