High temperature resistant

Even more resistant to high temperatures

VAT286 (A286 / Grade 660 / UNS S66286)

Precipitation-hardening alloy with high mechanical strength and good oxidation resistance up to 700°C. Used in components of turbines, shafts, bolts, nuts and pump parts, as well as in hot working tools for copper extruders and aluminum casting dies.

VAT31V (Alloy 31V | UNS NO7032 | SAE HEV8)

Alloy for exhaust valves used in high power diesel engines. It is resistant to sulfidation, has good corrosion resistance and good mechanical strength up to 815°C.

VAT600 (Alloy 600 | ASTM B166 | UNS N06600)

As it is corrosion resistant in oxidizing and reducing conditions, this alloy is virtually free of chloride-induced stress corrosion. Resists to oxidation up to 1170°C and is used in components for furnaces, thermocouple protection tubes, and by the chemical and food industry.

VAT718 (718 / UNS N07718 / 718 API 6A)

It is the most widely used superalloy due to its mechanical strength and creep up to 650°C. In addition, it has good corrosion resistance and ductility at cryogenic temperatures down to -250°C. Widely used in the aerospace industry as gas turbine components, it is also used in hot working tools and components used by the oil industry in sub-zero temperatures.

VAT718QA (ASTM B637 / ICONEL 718)

It is the most used superalloy due to its mechanical resistance and creeping characteristics at temperatures up to 650°C. Additionally, it has good corrosion resistance and ductility at cryogenic temperatures down to -250°C. Largely used in the aerospace industry in gas turbine components.

VAT751 (Alloy 751 | SAE J775)

It is a slight modification of the INCX750 allow to increase creep resistance to 870°C. The applications are the same of the INCX750 alloy, but it especially suits diesel exhaust valves.


With good resistance to corrosion by nitric acid, at high temperatures, in concentrations up to 70%, this alloy also has good resistance to organic acids such as acetic and formic, and to creep. It is resistant to oxidation and used in heat treatment equipment components, petrochemical industry (pyrolysis) and general applications in the chemical industry.

VAT80A (Alloy 80A / UNS N07080)

It has good creep resistance up to 760°C and, in addition to mechanical strength, it has good fatigue resistance and oxidation resistance at high temperatures. It is used for internal combustion engine valves, screws and molds used at high temperatures.

VAT90 (Alloy 90 / UNS N07090)

High creep resistance alloy with high content of Cr and Co, with balanced Ti and Al content, which act as precipitation hardening elements. Excellent mechanical strength and oxidation resistance at high temperatures.

VATX750 (Alloy X750 / ASTM B637 / UNS N07750)

It is corrosion and oxidation resistant and has high creep resistance up to 815°C. Excellent resistance to stress relieving, which makes it applicable for springs operating to 650°C. Furthermore, it is used to manufacture springs, screws, extrusion dies and tools.

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