Wire drawing and Welding

VATX750 (Alloy X750 / ASTM B637 / UNS N07750)

It is corrosion and oxidation resistant and has high creep resistance up to 815°C. Excellent resistance to stress relieving, which makes it applicable for springs operating to 650°C. Furthermore, it is used to manufacture springs, screws, extrusion dies and tools.

VES 60

Raw material for the manufacture of electrodes used to weld nodular cast iron, malleable cast iron and Ni-Resist alloy.


TIG and MIG welding wire, used in welding VAT600/VAT800H and other combinations of nickel alloys with iron alloys. Also used for surface coating of carbon steels.


TIG and MIG welding wire, used in welding dissimilar alloys, such as austenitic stainless to ferritic stainless steel or nickel alloys. Also used for surface coating of carbon steels.

VNI 200

Raw material for the manufacture of coated electrodes used in gray cast iron welding.

VRC276 (Alloy C276 | ASTM B574 | UNS N10276)

Excellent resistance to ferric and cupric chloride, mineral acids, chlorinated environments, formic and acetic acids, sea water and brine. Resistant to oxidation at temperatures up to 1040°C. It is widely used in chemical, petrochemical and oil industries.

VRC625QA (ASTM B446 / UNS N06625)

Resistant to corrosion in several aggressive environments. It is practically immune to chloride stress corrosion and, due to this, it is an alloy used in components that are exposed to the seawater. Used in the manufacturing of injection nozzles for aircraft and helicopter turbines.

VRC625W (Alloy 625 for welding electrodes)

High corrosion resistance alloy widely used in welding processes carried out by petrochemical industries. Also used as coating in carbon steel tanks.

VRC825 (Alloy 825 / UNS NO8825)

Excellent resistance to pitting and crevice corrosion due to the addition of chromium, molybdenum, copper and titanium alloy elements. Resistant to corrosion of many substances, including sulfuric acid containing chloride, and sea water.

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