High speed steel

Because speed also counts


High speed steel of great versatility, with an excellent combination of toughness and abrasion resistance. Suitable for high-quality twist drills, milling tools of all types, taps, split dies, drill bits and machining tools in general. Also used for cutting dies, punches, deep drawing dies and other cold plastic forming tools.


High speed steel with increased vanadium content, therefore, more resistance to wear. Thanks to a special process, it ensures thinner carbides and good grinding characteristics. Mainly used in the production of taps.


Especially recommended for thin edged tools, such as taps, split dies, cutters and helical broaches.


Heavy-duty roughing and finishing tools. Used in the manufacture of cutters, face and side milling tools, as well as special drills for machining high-strength material.


Capable of reaching hardness values up to 68 HRC, whereas the presence of 8% cobalt gives it excellent wear resistance and red-hardness characteristics. These characteristics make it suitable for the most extreme applications, however, it should not be used when subject to excessive impact or vibration.


Drills and saws for common use. Tools that require lower hardness and higher toughness than other high speed steels.


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