Hot work


VTMPLUS is a selectively modified hot work tool steel produced according to ISOMAX process. It may be used as an alternative for H13 or 1.2367, with higher hardness.


VEX is a tool steel specifically designed for hot work applications that are typically nitrided. Its modified chemical composition provides higher resistance to tempering and nitriding response when compared to AISI H11 and H13, while maintaining a high level of toughness. There is aluminum nitride formation in VEX' diffusion layer instead of chromium nitrides which are typically formed in chromium-linked tool steels. Due to the higher hardness of aluminum nitrides as compared to chromium nitrides, dies made of VEX show excellent wear resistance after nitriding.


Dies and components for high-pressure die casting of non-ferrous alloys, especially aluminum. Forging dies, especially those with complex dimensions or requiring high cracking resistance. Note: impact resistance> 300 J (Specimen removed from core and treated for 44/46HRC). Premium quality (NADCA).


Steel developed to promote high-temperature mechanical strength commensurate with that of H11 and H13 steels, but with far superior toughness. Impact resistance greater than 300 J; test carried out according to NADCA requirements. Material remelted by ESR. Applications: pressure casting dies for non-ferrous alloys such as Al, to which TENAX300IM is recommended; forging dies and punches of complex geometry or subjected to cracks, and spindles for hot extrusion of non-ferrous alloys, mainly Al. Premium quality (NADCA).


Molds for high pressure or gravity die casting of light alloys, especially Al and Mg alloys in complex or larger parts. Highly smoothed thermoplastic polymer injection molds with high mechanical strength. High performance dies used in press forging. High-temperature shear blades. NOTE: impact energy greater than 250 J, for unnotched test samples, as per NADCA # 207-90; and greater than 13,5J (10 ft. lbs), for test samples with V-Notch, as per NADCA # 207-2008: Material remelted by ESR. Premium quality (NADCA).


Forging press punches and dies. Dies for extrusion of non-ferrous alloys. Molds for gravity casting light alloys, especially Al. High-temperature cutters. Dies for pressure casting aluminum alloys, in smaller parts or of little complexity. High-temperature shear blades. Note: impact energy higher than 200 J, for unnotched test samples, according to NADCA #207-90; and higher than 10.8J (8 ft. lbs), for V-Notched test samples, according to NADCA #207-2011. Premium quality.


Double remelted material (ESR/VAR) showing improved homogeneity and higher isotropy than VH13IM.


Dies, tools and punches for automatic high-speed and high-cooling forging presses for screws, nuts and rivets. Tools for pipe and billet extrusion presses, especially water cooled punches. Tools for high-pressure die casting of heavy metals. Sliding parts in forging dies.


Forging press dies and die inserts, hot punches, hot work shear blades.


Shallow print dies for hot forging hammers, cold-cutting shear blades used to cold cut billets and steel plates.


Standard steel for forging dies used in high-performance drop hammers, supplied in blocks or bars.


Maximum yield tools for continuous work under high temperature environments not subjected to thermal shock. Suitable for punches, extrusion press discs, automotive valve press dies and forging dies.


Tools for hot embossing and pressure casting non-ferrous alloys (copper, brass, as well as tin-, lead- and zinc-based alloys). Dies for Hatebur forging press. Dies for forging automotive valves. Material remelted via ESR.


Tool steel for hot work tools for stamping press, inserts for hot-melt pressing under pressure and tools for extrusion of heavy metals (dies, spindles).


Forging punches and dies, including high-temperature heading applications and inserts, where its high-temperature mechanical strength substantially boosts performance. Dies used in pressure casting and extrusion of aluminum and other non-ferrous metals. Premium quality (NADCA).


Steel with good toughness and high-temperature mechanical strength far better than those of H11 and H13. Material remelted by ESR. Typical applications: Dies and punches for hot forging press, dies for pressure casting non-ferrous alloys (where remelting is recommended, as well as extrusion dies consisting of Al alloys and Cu alloys). Premium quality (NADCA).


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