Energy and Environmental Management, Safety and Occupational Health

Environmental and Energy Policy

ISO 50001 Certification: in its continuous quest for sustainable development, Villares Metals is currently implementing and certifying its Energy Management System so as to continuously improve energy efficiency in its facilities. Being a major consumer of this resource, energy performance has always been a fundamental aspect of its activities and, as from 2006, the company has an Internal Commission for Energy Conservation (CICE). Soon, it will also have a certified management system to support and maintain continuous actions in order to reduce consumption and improve efficiency.

Committed to Sustainable Development

Villares Metals is focused on sustainable development for the company's activities. Thus there is a constant search for new practices to minimize waste generation, as well as internal and external waste recycling.

It seeks to adopt the best environmental practices, such as rational use of natural resources, water reuse, proper waste disposal, evaluation and development of environmental service providers, housing and storage of waste materials, employee awareness programs, development of solutions for the waste produced and selective waste collection. These practices are designed to eliminate or minimize environmental impacts for the development of an environmental culture accordant with all stakeholders.

ISO 14001 Certification

Over the years, Villares Metals has sought to develop its activities in compliance with the environmental laws and organization guidelines, in support of everyone's commitment and continuous improvement of its activities. As one of the results, in May 2007, its Management System was certified according to the ISO 14001 standard.

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