VF562 (ASTM F562 / UNS R30035 / AMS 5844)

Corrosion resistant special alloy

F562 is an austenitic Ni-Co-Cr-Mo alloy with ultra high mechanical strength (above 1200 MPa) associated with very high corrosion resistance, mainly to chlorides. Due to these properties, one of the main applications of this grade is as componentes and parts for marine environments like, for instance, cables which conduct sensors for measurements in deep ocean. F562 also is used in the automotive and aerospace industries. But, originally, this grade was developed for cirurgical implants. The strength hardening mechanism envolved is complex, involving a solution annealing heat treatment, followed by cold working and finally by an aging (precipitation hardening) heat treatment.

  • ABTN | ASTM | SAE | AISI | AMS: ASTM F562 / AMS 5844
  • UNS: UNS R30035
  • Chemical composition: 

C %

Si %

Mn %

Cr %

Ni %

Fe %

Ti %

Mo %


max. 0.02

max. 0.15

max. 0.15



max. 1.00

max. 1.00


Co = rest.

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